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What Happens in Acting Class

Do you already see yourself shining in front of a camera and do you want to learn to act (better)? Then you should really consider taking acting classes. These lessons can be followed at different levels, for both novice actors and advanced actors.

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Is Acting a Natural Talent?

Many believe that talent is talent may not be the deciding factor, but it will certainly help you on your way to becoming an actor. Some people are born with an innate talent for acting. However, they may never realize it without practice.

What Does it Mean to Be Talented for Acting?

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How Do You Get Into Voice Acting?

Voice acting is a very interesting career which offers many perks such as good pay, traveling, meeting other stars, etc. More importantly, it is a very in-demand occupation. There are plenty of opportunities for voice actors from recording audio-books to doing voice-over work for animated movies, TV commercials, games, etc. But how does one get into voice acting?

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How to Perform Kissing Scenes With Ease (Young Adults)

There may come a time where you have to get intimate with a fellow actor/actress on set. Hearing the word intimacy evokes images of kissing, touching and other physical acts. At The Playground, you can learn to connect with your scene partners on an emotional and physical level while still respecting personal boundaries.

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Advantages of Blogging for Actors

Blogging is a communication tool that gives you the opportunity to express yourself on your acting platform. You’ll be able to share your passions and this can create a career you never foresaw. At The Playground, we believe blogging can build your professional network and earn you more exposure within the acting field.

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