Shyness and stage fright has no place among an actor’s skill set. It presents developmental challenges for aspiring actors. How they learn and how much they learn is limited by their lack of confidence in their abilities and willingness to participate and interact with others.

For children who may be struggling to overcome such difficulties, acting classes play a pivotal role in realizing their dream of being a renowned actor. Acting classes can embed in a child, skills essential for a successful acting career and life. Children are given the opportunity to develop:

● Self-confidence
● Proper social skills
● Communication skills
● Their creativity
● Public speaking
● Leadership skills
● Proper work ethics

It is no secret that “participation” and “peer learning”, for example, are very essential and effective tools for an actor. Actors tend to feed off of each other for cues, energy, and support. Through interactive learning, shy actors have the opportunity to enhance their communication skills and performance.

At the heart of the curriculum at The Playground is our goal of ensuring that aspiring child actors are well equipped for on-camera performance. Having a healthy and stable self-esteem is crucial in laying a good foundation for a solid, impactful, and even award-winning actor.

Through activities such as improvisation, creative play, vocal exercises, and character-building, to name a few, children are stimulated to step out of their “shells”. They are taught the value of their open interaction with others, while they learn to embrace who they are and make every aspect of themselves (nuances and all) work in unison to make them better actors.

While your child may have natural tendencies of being more reserved, our classes will help them step out of their comfort zone. Enroll your child at The Playground and see that shyness out the door!