Private Acting Classes

Do You Need Private Acting Classes?

acting lessons for kidsGary Spatz has been effectively coaching young actors for call backs for over 25 years.

Gary Spatz and The Playground coaches are available for either a thirty minute or a sixty minute private coaching acting sessions – effectively tackling the nuts & bolts of a particular acting skill.

The private acting session falls into two categories including Call Back Preparation and Focused Private Acting Session.

Call Back Preparation

If a young actor is up for a role on a sitcom, film, theater, commercial project, or meeting with the producer or director at a call back, the young actor’s parent can contact us to work with them on the specific auditioning script and material. In the case of the young actor, we are usually contacted by a parent, talent agent, or personal manager.

While the private coaching session certainly gives an actor the best possible chance of securing the role, in an industry where being good is not enough, it also helps the actor leave behind a lasting impression with confidence and a brilliant performance. Learning how to leave a lasting impression is important in the long term for the young actor.

During a private acting coaching session, we will usually work with the actor on any particular weaknesses and fix them. You will go through an imaginary audition process, and see what you might be doing wrong for that specific part. It’s all about the details and how to correct them.

Focused Private Acting Session

Focused private acting session is available for young actors who want to sharpen the tools of the trade, focus on an individual interest, or fine tune a particular acting skill. The focused private acting sessions address a broad range of needs.

A beginner wants to learn the craft but is unable to take a regular class; an experienced professional wants to work on character study, cold reading techniques, or monologues; an actor or the parents need advice on finding talent representation, headshots, etc. Whatever the concern is in these sessions, we focus on just one actor and assist them on the issue.

How Private Acting Coaching Works

The parent contacts the office and requests a private coaching session, describing the focus of the session and preferred time and dates. The sessions are held at The Playground acting studio.

Private acting sessions are customized to fit the individual needs including on-camera auditions, theatre auditions, audition technique, audition preparation, monologues, and improvisation techniques.

We’ll also help you eliminate speech impediments, stop bad acting habits, improve cold reading, improve character development, learn the business of acting, plus more.