What are the advantages and disadvantages of acting classes for children, as well as the levels of classes offered by The Playground. Our acting classes are designed to assist both novice and experienced working actors.

Our television classes are tailored to young actors who have the potential to achieve success in the television industry. We have one of the most elite professional teams in the industry, and our training experience is unparalleled. Our students have gone on to appear in successful films and on television, and they frequently cite our classes as having provided them with the necessary skills. Additionally, we provide video tutorials so that you can view our classes at home or on the go.

In our facility, undergraduate and graduate students can take acting classes of the highest caliber. Our intensive acting program is designed for working actors and those seeking concentrated training in performance craft. Our supervised teacher training and paid teaching assistant positions aid in enhancing their expertise. In addition, we provide a two-year conservatory program that prepares students for the television industry. Over the course of two years, the conservatory program provides actors with high-level instruction and guidance.

What Do Our Acting Students Learn?

Students learn microphone audition techniques, advanced script work, and stage and television / film performance in acting classes. In addition to preparing students for a variety of professional careers, the program offers media production classes on camera and studio etiquette, advanced voice training, and industrial drama. Our home studio microphones provide the ideal environment for aspiring actors to study and prepare for academic careers in the future.

Our program is appropriate for both novice and experienced actors who wish to begin or continue their studies in theatre, film, or television. Through a comprehensive camera course that covers all aspects of media production, our curriculum will equip students with the necessary skills to confidently pursue a career in drama in the coming years. We also offer specialized studio etiquette courses so that our students can learn how to behave in a professional environment.

Learn The Craft of Acting in Los Angeles

Classes in acting are an excellent way to hone your craft. Individualized acting courses allow actors to gain experience in both technique-related skills and performance-related coursework. So that actors can obtain a comprehensive education in the craft, a typical acting class incorporates both stage performance and screen acting.

In addition, we provide a one-of-a-kind actor showcase program in which students can present their work to seasoned veterans of the media theater industry. Our acting program is also available to those who have already completed several years of study and wish to hone their craft even further, as it includes business fundamentals, such as marketing and promotion, that are essential for any aspiring television actor.

Our program is designed to empower our actors and includes exercises in improvisation, scene work, and other tools that provide direct answers and aid in the development of skills. The Playground works with actors of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. Our experienced faculty guides students through a rigorous program that equips them with common sense tools for the business of acting, preparing them for the challenge of television and theater work. The institute offers a variety of programs for aspiring actors, including film workshops, acting classes, and others. Contact us to learn more.