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The Playground is the premier young actors’ conservatory in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our focus is coaching young actors, both experienced and new, the craft of on camera film and television acting. Learn more about us by clicking on the stories below.

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Whether you are preparing your child for a career in acting or just for success in life, The Playground is a great place to learn. Sign up for an interview with our admissions directors today!

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Acting Classes For Kids Los Angeles

Acting Classes For Kids in Downtown Los Angeles

Jump Start Your Child’s Life With The Best Young Acting Program!

Our acting classes in Downtown Los Angeles are currently underway for kids actors starting at age 5. The young actors enrolled in our programs are taught how to act naturally, passionately and honestly while teaching them about:

  • Audition preparation
  • Scene study
  • Script analysis
  • Character commitment
  • Development
  • Improvisation techniques
  • Concentration skills

The kids we work with between the ages of 6 – 12 are typically better at memorizing lines and more focused. We’ve also noticed that kids between the ages of 8 – 12 are often simpler to work with, and can occasionally play roles that are younger than their real age. Contact us to learn more.

Acting Classes For Teens in Downtown Los Angeles

Is Your Teen Interested in Our Acting Program?

Throughout the admission process we identify and observe teens who are creative, talented, enthusiastic and can further grow through our acting school program. Though we try to accept as many talented teens as possible, keep in mind that not everyone can get accepted in our young acting classes program for teens in Downtown Los Angeles.

For our acting classes for teens, there are no application deadlines but rather a rolling admissions policy. To make sure your teen gets accepted in our acting program, you are advised to start the enrollment process several months in advance due to the seats being limited.

The Admissions Process is Spread Over Five Stages:

  • Apply in person + on-camera tryout
  • Identify expectations from application
  • Determine talent from entrance tryout
  • Determine enthusiasm from the entrance tryout
  • Inform applicant of the admissions committee decision
Acting Classes For Teens
Acting Classes For Adults

Acting Classes For Adults in Downtown Los Angeles

Join Our Acting Classes For Adults 18+

Great auditions lead to great roles! Learning and practicing audition techniques while in an acting class will lead to consistently great auditions. The Playground coaches teach acting auditioning skills to young adults as an essential part of the acting class program. There are many essential auditioning skill components including:

  • Commitment
  • Physical preparation
  • Script analysis
  • Making choices
  • Rehearsals

You can inquire about our eligibility for enrollment from the admission office to join our esteemed acting program. The artistic review process enables us to setup our acting program in a way in which you can blossom, grow, and move forward to live up to your expectations.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience with young actors, Gary has crafted a unique program that is focused on preparing your child for Film and Television acting – and auditioning!

Children who attend The Playground will improve not just in their acting skills but in other areas of life too! Students at The Playground often experience; better speaking ability, better listening skills, improved reading comprehension, improved school performance and increased confidence.

Programs are available for children ages 6 to 18 at all experience levels. Acting is all about “play” and the best “playing” happens when the actor is relaxed and able to let creativity flow. This specific type of coaching happens between “setups” or each “take.”

While everyone is busy doing their job – hair and makeup, lighting, props, etc., Gary steps in for a few brief moments to work with the actor on the performance. All of this is done very quickly and without interfering with other craftspeople. Contact us to learn more about our acting program in Los Angeles.

Top Facilities

Our facilities are “state-of-the-industry” and provide theater style seating, Sony playback monitors, HD cameras, and studio-lighting.  Gary Spatz and his staff of professional acting teachers nurture each student’s creativity to help them excel at on-camera work.

The staff are dedicated to helping young actors develop a personal technique for television and film. We train the young performers in the craft of acting.

Gary’s job as a TV or film set coach is very specific. The idea is to coordinate supporting the actor in achieving the best possible performance while helping the director and producers realize their vision. In order to do this effectively, Gary establishes a relationship of complete trust. He also buffers between the pressures of a shoot and the young talent’s creative process.

Make an appointment to visit our acting conservatory this weekend. We offer acting classes for kids and teens on the weekend, and we offer adults in person classes every Thursday. Contact us to to get started now.

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The Best Acting School in Downtown Los Angeles

The Playground Acting Conservatory offers acting classes for kids, teens and young adults. Contact us now!

Downtown Los Angeles Acting Classes

Los Angeles Acting Classes For Adults

Acting Techniques and Methods in Downtown Los Angeles

Welcome to The Playground, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of acting through our comprehensive course on “Acting Techniques and Methods.” We believe that every actor in Downtown Los Angeles deserves a nurturing environment to discover their true potential, and that’s exactly what we offer in our esteemed program.

Acting is an art that demands a profound understanding of diverse techniques and methods, and our course is meticulously curated to provide just that. Our curriculum focuses on exploring renowned acting methodologies, including Stanislavski, Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Michael Chekhov, and Uta Hagen. Each methodology brings a unique perspective and set of tools that enrich the actor’s toolkit, enabling them to portray characters with depth and authenticity.

Stanislavski’s approach emphasizes emotional truth and the “method of physical actions,” encouraging actors to delve into the psychology of their characters. Meisner’s technique focuses on truthful reactions and being present in the moment, fostering genuine and spontaneous performances. Lee Strasberg’s method centers on the use of emotional memory, drawing from an actor’s own experiences to tap into their emotions. Michael Chekhov’s technique incorporates imagination, movement, and concentration to create a holistic and dynamic approach to acting. Uta Hagen’s method emphasizes realistic and honest portrayal of characters, focusing on understanding the character’s objectives and motivations.

Expert Instructors in Downtown Los Angeles

Our expert instructors in Downtown Los Angeles, well-versed in these methodologies, guide students through a transformative journey of discovery and growth. Students are encouraged to experiment, embrace creativity, and refine their craft under the guidance of professionals who have honed their skills in the acting industry. Through a blend of theory, practical exercises, scene work, and workshops, students gain a comprehensive understanding of these methodologies and how to apply them in their performances.

One of the distinctive features of our program is the emphasis on practical application. Students in Downtown Los Angeles have ample opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in real-life scenarios. Scene study classes provide a platform for students to work on scripts, analyze characters, and apply the various acting techniques they’ve learned. The immersive learning experience at The Playground allows students to connect theory with practice, refining their abilities and boosting their confidence.

Voice and Speech Training in Downtown Los Angeles

Your voice is your instrument, and in the world of acting, it’s paramount to unlock its full potential to convey emotions, portray characters, and captivate audiences.

Our program in Downtown Los Angeles is designed to provide actors with a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of vocalization. We delve into various aspects, including vocal exercises, projection, articulation, and accent work, to enhance vocal clarity and expression. Whether you’re an aspiring actor or a seasoned performer looking to refine your skills, our course offers invaluable insights and practical techniques to elevate your vocal prowess.

Vocal exercises form the cornerstone of our curriculum, aiming to develop and strengthen the vocal muscles. Through a series of exercises and warm-ups, students learn to control pitch, tone, and resonance. These exercises not only improve vocal range but also help in mitigating strain and ensuring longevity and sustainability of the voice—an essential aspect for any actor in Downtown Los Angeles.

Projection is a crucial skill for any performer. Our course provides guidance on how to project the voice effectively, allowing it to reach the farthest corners of the auditorium. From learning proper breathing techniques to mastering vocal projection, students acquire the skills necessary to command the stage and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Precise Pronunciation and Articulation

Articulation is equally vital in ensuring clear communication on stage. Our training focuses on precise pronunciation and articulation of words, enabling actors to convey their lines with utmost clarity and accuracy. Clear articulation is the key to making the dialogues impactful and relatable to the audience.

Accent work is an exciting component of our program. We believe in nurturing versatile actors capable of portraying characters from diverse backgrounds and regions. Students in Downtown Los Angeles are exposed to a variety of accents and dialects, allowing them to expand their repertoire and adapt to a wide range of roles authentically. Mastering accents opens doors to a multitude of characters, enriching an actor’s portfolio and increasing their marketability in the industry.

What sets The Playground apart is our commitment to providing a personalized and immersive learning experience. Our dedicated instructors in Downtown Los Angeles offer individual attention and tailored guidance to every student, ensuring that they progress at their own pace and achieve their unique goals. The collaborative and supportive environment at The Playground encourages students to experiment, take risks, and discover their true vocal potential.

Los Angeles Acting Classes For Kids
Los Angeles Acting Classes

Audition Techniques and Monologue Preparation in Downtown Los Angeles

Auditions are the gateways to an actor’s dreams, and how you present yourself in those crucial moments can make all the difference. Our dedicated course on “Audition Techniques and Monologue Preparation” is designed to empower actors in Downtown Los Angeles with the skills and confidence needed to shine in auditions and nail their performances.

Preparing for auditions in Downtown Los Angeles involves not just the mastery of monologues but also understanding the dynamics of the audition room and the psychology behind casting decisions. At The Playground, we provide a holistic approach to auditions, combining technical expertise with psychological insights.

Monologues are a critical element of an actor’s repertoire. Our instructors guide students in selecting and preparing monologues that showcase their unique abilities and complement their casting profile. We believe in the power of authenticity, encouraging students to choose monologues that resonate with their personal experiences and emotions. This approach ensures that the performance is genuine, relatable, and impactful.

Project Genuine Emotions

Our course focuses on understanding the nuances of character, analyzing scripts, and creating a profound connection with the material. We delve into the psychology of the characters, allowing actors to embody their essence and project genuine emotions. By delving deep into the character’s motivations, desires, and obstacles, our students bring a level of authenticity that captivates audition panels.

Receiving constructive feedback is a crucial aspect of our program in Downtown Los Angeles. Our instructors, with their vast experience in the industry, provide valuable insights and personalized guidance to help students refine their performances. We simulate audition scenarios, providing a platform for students to practice and receive feedback in a supportive environment. This enables them to fine-tune their monologues and audition pieces effectively.

In addition to monologue preparation, we also focus on the technicalities of auditions in Downtown Los Angeles. From understanding casting director expectations to mastering the logistics of the audition room, we leave no stone unturned. We provide guidance on what to wear, how to make a lasting first impression, and how to handle nerves and anxiety. Our students gain the confidence to enter auditions with a strong sense of self and a clear understanding of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of acting classes do you offer at The Playground?

At The Playground, we offer a wide array of acting classes to cater to various interests and skill levels. Our courses include acting techniques and methods, voice and speech training, scene study, improv, audition techniques, on-camera acting, and specialized workshops focusing on specific areas of the acting craft.

Are there age restrictions for your acting classes?

No, we offer classes for all age groups. Our range of classes accommodates children, teenagers, and adults. Each class is tailored to suit the specific needs and developmental stages of the participants.

Do I need prior acting experience to join your classes?

No prior acting experience is required for most of our classes. We have classes suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our expert instructors are skilled at adapting the curriculum to the needs and skill levels of the students in the class.

What sets The Playground apart from other acting schools in Los Angeles?

The Playground distinguishes itself through its exceptional faculty, personalized attention to students, diverse class offerings, and a strong sense of community. We focus on nurturing individual growth and fostering a supportive environment that prepares actors for success in the industry.

What qualifications and experience do your instructors have?

Our instructors at The Playground are accomplished professionals with extensive experience in the acting industry. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having worked in various aspects of acting, including theater, film, television, and more. Our teachers have advanced degrees in acting and related fields.

How long are the acting classes, and how often do they meet?

The duration and frequency of classes vary based on the specific course. Some classes are held once a week, while others may have multiple sessions per week. Additionally, the duration of each class may range from one to two hours, depending on the course. Detailed class schedules and duration’s can be found on our website.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching or private lessons?

Yes, we offer private coaching sessions for individuals seeking personalized attention and focused training. Private coaching allows students to work on specific areas of improvement, audition preparation, monologue development, or any aspect of acting that they wish to enhance.

Are there opportunities for students to perform in front of an audience at The Playground?

Absolutely! We believe in providing students with opportunities to showcase their talent. We organize showcases and performances where students can present their work in front of an audience. These experiences help build confidence and offer a taste of the real-world performance environment.

What should I wear to class, and are there any specific requirements?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. For certain classes, like movement-based ones, specific attire may be recommended. Details regarding attire and any specific requirements will be communicated to you upon enrollment in a particular class.

Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance for classes?

We understand the importance of accessibility. While we do not offer full scholarships, we occasionally have promotions, discounts, or installment payment options available for our classes. Check our website or contact our administrative team for any ongoing offers.