Do you dream of being in a TV show? Maybe becoming as famous as your favorite TV show character? While not everyone can become the next Ross or Rachel from Friends, it is possible to land a role in a TV show.

One thing is important to note: TV show auditions are no open calls. You cannot just appear at the studio and get cast for a role like that (unless it is indicated so). Your agent has to submit your resume and if you’re preselected to audition for a role, then you’ll get to audition and showcase your skills.

But to get there, here are a few steps that you need to take:

Get professional headshots. Before you start auditioning, you need to prepare and this includes getting professional headshots. You can hire a professional photographer but you can also ask a family member or friend to take the photos if you or they have a good camera.

Get an agent. To start auditioning for TV show roles, you need an agent. If you have an agent, your chances of getting an audition increase as booking agents have various connections in the industry that they can use to help you get auditions.

Network. You need to do your part and make your own connections as well. You can join an acting union, attend acting classes and meet other actors, be active on social media, etc. There are lots of ways to increase your network and this can help you land an audition as some of them can recommend you for a role.

Work on your skills. If you have talent and a passion for TV shows, you should work on your skills to further improve them. Start attending acting classes and hone your skills. Whether you want to work on a particular skill during private classes or join group classes, it’s up to you. Contact our acting studio in Los Angeles to get started.