Auditioning Tips

Putting yourself out there as an actor is a difficult thing for anyone to go through. With some advise and tips, the process may be easier and even provide a measure of success for aspiring actors. So here are some tips that will definitely improve an actor’s audition.

Be Prepared

While most casting directors will rarely release pages of script beforehand for an open audition, it does happen. In those situations, it’s best to prepare by memorizing the lines before the audition in order to achieve what’s known as going ‘off-book’. Otherwise an actor should always be prepared to read off pre-written pages. An actor should always be ready for anything when walking into the audition room.

Don’t Ad-Lib

At times, someone from the movie (writer, director, etc) may be in the room or viewing an audition tape later, and they are very particular about their work. So an actor must never change the words written on the page when auditioning, and stick to what’s written no matter how awkward or clumsy the lines may be. It’s a sore topic for filmmakers and something that they won’t tolerate from newcomers.


An actor must also ensure good voice projection so that everyone in the room can clearly hear their lines. Casting directors have many people to see in an audition, and having to tell an actor to repeat themselves is a waste of time. Projecting also conveys a sense of confidence on the actor’s part.

While these tips may seem like common sense, many would-be careers have been ended by not adhering to these simple instructions. With these easy and simple tips, an actor can make sure that when auditioning for the dream role,  their chances of success increase and they are that much closer to, ‘making it big!’