Voice Acting

Voice Acting is a thankless job. It’s not nearly as glamorous as regular acting because no one ever sees the actor’s face, and there is little to no glory from the fans. However, some of the best TV shows, movies, and most memorable characters in history has been immortalized by famous voice actors that most people don’t know. So here are some of the best voice actors in Hollywood.

Mark Hamill

On top of already being one of the most recognized faces and iconic pop culture characters in history, Mark Hamill has also voiced what is known as the definitive version of the Joker, in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and many other iterations. To this day, Hamill is considered one of the best voice actors in Hollywood; at times even reciting Tweets from now President Donald Trump in his Joker voice.

Dan Castellaneta

The voice of one of the best and long running adult animated series of all time, ‘The Simpsons,’ Dan Castellaneta has voiced Homer Simpson for the last 30 years. Castellaneta has given life to some of the most memorable TV quotes, and has been the voice of a character that is the most recognized and more revered of all time.

Seth MacFarlane

Following in Castellaneta’s footsteps, Seth MacFarlane has gone on to be the creator of another adult animated series that has become quite popular and even rivals ‘The Simpsons’ at times. ‘Family Guy’ showcased all of MacFarlance’s voice talent as he voiced multiple characters and has since then gone on to create even more memorable voice acting characters such as his movie ‘Ted’.

Kevin Conroy

Of all the iterations of the voice of Batman in many animated films and shows, Kevin Conroy is considered to be the definitive Batman to many. Conroy has voiced Batman since the 90’s in a plethora of movies, shows, video games, and is still going strong today in many Batman films.