There are often many paths to accomplish the same goal. For actors, it is no different. Some accomplish in an instant what others go through years of formal education (high school drama, colleges, etc.) to achieve. Others are trained from their earliest years to develop the required skills needed to be a prominent actor.

Formal training is essential for any aspiring actor and can take two very distinct approaches. Although they may sound practically the same, drama classes and acting classes are different in many ways. To put it as simply as possible, drama classes are offered by a tertiary education institution while acting classes tend to be run by private establishments. Below is a further breakdown of the differences.

Acting Classes

● The study period varies depending on school and class.
● Classes have no specific daily timetable. They may be taught on evenings 2 or 3 times per week.
● Classes tend to be more intimate (8 to 10 people for the most).
● There is a wide range of classes for students to choose from, e.g. techniques, movement, voice, auditioning, character building, stage and on-screen performing, and public speaking.
● Teachers are more hands-on in their teaching style, taking on more of a coaching approach.
● Students have the opportunity to attend workshops or work one-on-one with accomplished and recognized actors.
● The study period is 3-4 years, resulting in a Degree.

Drama Classes

● Classes follow a more structured daily timeline, e.g. 8 am – 5 pm.
● Classes consist of large groups of 30 to 40 persons.
● Classes tend to be focused around body movement, vocal training, theatre performance, and general acting training.
● They lack focus on emotional acting, acting methods or exploring creativity.

As an actor’s conservatory, The Playground’s curriculum is precisely formulated to prepare students for the world of acting by engrossing them in all things on-screen acting from as early as the age of 6 to adulthood. If you are interested in pursuing an acting career, give us a call or message us for more information.