The Playground offers summer classes in theater, cinema, and photography for students. Summer workshops on film-making are also available for children. The Playground offers week-long theater, film-making, screenwriting, and acting programs for kids and adults.

This summer, we have added a week-long summer intensive program as well as a year-long standard acting program. High school and adults can participate in an interactive and imaginative learning experience through the acting program at The Playground. Students will have the opportunity to create their own film projects and learn more about theater arts during our intensive workshop. We provide a 6 month intensive program in acting and cinematic narrative. The program is intended to teach students the necessary skills to create their own films and become professional actors in Los Angeles.

Students take acting readiness courses and partake in creative workshops. The Playground year round workshops are intended to investigate the interests of students and provide them with professional development courses. Our summer camps and programs include day camps where students can participate in activities such as performing arts, acting, and cinematography, among others. Throughout the year, students can also participate in hop-on day camp sessions. There are numerous summer classes and programs in Los Angeles that offer students the chance to learn about film-making and other creative activities.

Discover More About Performing Arts as Well

There are musical theater, band, and music programs available for individuals interested in performing arts. In addition, there is a Spanish summer program that immerses students in the language. Classes include training in musical theater, songwriting seminars, and music production. In order to hone their abilities, students can also attend guitar and vocal training sessions.

The Playground offers programs for children of all ages and interests in Southern California, close to Los Angeles. Our summer programs are designed to meet your requirements and budget. For those interested, we also offer acting classes throughout the year for young kids, teens and adults. We have classes for beginners, intermediate actors and advanced actors. We have something for everyone depending on your age and skill level.

The Playground has revolutionized acting classes for children in Los Angeles. We offer adolescent improv classes and a five-day workshop that includes acting, singing, dancing, writing, directing, and other fun and educational activities. In addition to our regular programs, we also offer a musical theater option for those who wish to explore their creative side in greater depth.

The film and television roles program teaches young working actors the skills they need to succeed in school and camp settings. This program offers work sessions with professional actors, allowing children to learn how to act in an enjoyable environment while learning the fundamentals of film-making! In order to ensure that your child receives the maximum benefit from our programs, we also permit parents to observe classes so they can see what their child is learning. Contact us for more information now.