So you have a photo session scheduled? You have taken the first step to enhancing your acting career. You are in a great place to ensure that you get some fantastic shots that will open doors for you at casting calls. However, in order to have that happen, you need to be sure that your acting headshots look sharp. So what should your acting headshots look like?

One of the most important elements is that your pictures be in color. It used to be that headshots were traditionally made in black and white. However, today that has really shifted. Whether you are looking to get into television, movies or Broadway you should have color headshots.

Additionally, your acting headshots are primarily shots of your face, hence their name. While it is not taboo to feature some of your body in the photograph, like a three quarter shot, you really want the focal point of your picture to be your face. Headshots are used to recognize you, so you want your face to be memorable.

You also want to be sure that your acting headshots have a lot of life in the eyes. It has long been said that the eyes are the window to your soul, and that is certainly the truth in terms of headshots. You want casting directors to feel as if they are getting a glimpse at who you are through your picture.

Your headshots may require some retouching, but you do not want to have much done to your photos. You want your picture to still look like you. While you do want this to be a shot of you at your best, you do not want it to be an image that you do not live up to in real life.

Some retouching is to be expected, but you do not want to be performing major corrections on your image that will make you unrecognizable.

You may also want to have a variety of different acting headshots. You should have a very smiley one for your more commercial auditions as well as one that is a bit more serious for your dramatic auditions. Additionally, if you have very versatile hair you may want to take shots with a couple of different looks.

This can give you the versatility that you may need for specific auditions. Make sure to inquire with your photographer about how many looks are included in their packages.

Additionally you want to be sure that your photo is recent. Generally headshots are only good for a few years at a time. Be sure that you are replacing yours regularly to ensure that they do not look out of date, and that your image is not drastically different than your current look.

Acting headshots are an important investment in your career. You want to be sure that you have great pictures to get you the job. By following these guidelines you are sure to do that. Now the rest of it is up to you and your top quality acting skills.