Several studies have found and proven that creative processes go a long way in raising your intelligence. Activities such as reading novels, playing a musical instrument, and learning a new language improves your intelligence. You would agree that these activities all culminate into making your acting journey a success.

In discussing this topic, it’s essential to bring forth some compelling points to back this claim. Below are two significant attestations in regards to how acting classes can make you smarter:

Mastering Characters

You would agree with that taking time to learn the lines of your script is not an easy task. It comes with engaging the brain from start to finish. Asides from mastering your lines in the script, you have to task your brain to immerse itself in the role entirely. While portraying any character, you must make sure you give it your all and be selfless about it. All this in its entirety requires a smart and sound mind to execute successfully, and our acting class does this.

Ability to Create

The mannerisms and expressions created by directors are easily transferred to actors when on set. However, it takes extraordinary efforts to pull off such roles effortlessly. Often, actors have to personally drill themselves both on and off set to be able to reach their full potential. If the ability to create what viewers want does not display multiple shades of smartness, we don’t know what does. We, at The Playground, pay attention to build this skill in our students.

Our mission at The Playground is not just to coach your child; we want more for them. We have specifically designed our classes and programs to add value to your kids, such that even if your kid chooses another profession, they would be great at it too. Do well to reach out today for more information on how to sign-up.