Becoming an actor in Los Angeles might sound like a dream or a cliché you see in movies all the time. However, even though LA is a highly-competitive city where talented actors from all sides of the world flock to, it is still possible to showcase your talent and make a living of it.

There is definitely no one-size-fits-all strategy that you can apply to become a Hollywood star overnight. Everyone’s journey is different as well as their skills, talent, personal motivation, etc. However, there are some established steps you can take to become an actor in LA.

Steps To Become an Actor

1. Find an acting school. If you’re already in Los Angeles, then the first step is to enroll in an acting school and start taking classes. There are so many acting schools in this city that this can be a tough choice. Choose a reputable acting school with a long tradition such as The Playground where some of your favorite movie or TV stars have learned acting.

2. Hone your craft. Professional training is not mandatory to become an actor in LA or anywhere (some big movie stars didn’t attend any classes) but given the number of talented young actors coming to Hollywood all the time, perfecting your skills can help immensely. You might be very talented but every craft takes hard work and dedication to be perfected.

3. Start going to auditions. Going to auditions regularly brings you one step closer to becoming a paid actor because you never know when you might land a role. Nowadays, there are online casting sites where you can self-submit even if you don’t have an agent. There are thousands of small projects you can apply for weekly. This is a good place to start but getting an agent will increase your chances of landing an acting job.

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