Acting is a fascinating and lucrative career. If you have a child interested in this career path, you’re probably wondering about the ways you can achieve this. If you were hoping for overnight success, that won’t happen. Getting your child into acting takes time and research, especially given that there are so many audition scams and fake agents out there.

If you’re not careful and you fall into the whole “fame and money” scheme these fake talent scouts use, you may end up losing money while your child ends up disappointed. What’s important to keep in mind is that there are thousands of talented children like yours. Those that get a chance to get into acting are those that showcase impressive skills. Here is how you can get your child into acting.

Enroll Your Child into Acting Classes

The first thing you need to do is to enroll your child in acting classes. If your child is interested in acting and has demonstrated a talent for acting/singing, then you should help them hone their skills. Remember that casting agents/talent scouts see hundreds and thousands of cute kids, but they only cast those that possess acting skills too.

Get an Agent

Without an agent, your child is unlikely to get anywhere, so start searching for an agency. Agents can recognize talented children and when they do, they get them into auditions. Then if your child lands a role, the agent will represent them.

Get Good Head-shots

Casting directors decide who to invite to their auditions based on photos. This is why quality photos are needed to improve the chances of your child getting into an audition. You should think of hiring a photographer to make a few great head-shots of your child. If you’re skilled with the camera, you can make the shots yourself. Contact us for more information.