Becoming an Actor in Los Angeles

You don’t need a formal education to become an actor, but a bachelor’s degree in theater arts, drama, or similar field, would give an aspiring actor an advantage. You would learn and develop technical skills (i.e. method acting, improvisation, stage presence, etc.) to become a good actor.

Because there is no need for a formal education, and it’s not a 9-5 job, acting is seen as a no-brainer. Besides, actors make it look so easy! So what does it take to become an actor? There’s no defined career path, but there are some considerations that actors express as very important:

Learn the craft

Although you may have a natural acting ability, study the techniques to master the art. Take classes and use dialogue coaches to help with your professional development.

Location matters

Carefully decide where you want to live. For aspiring actors, New York and Los Angeles are two of the best cities to live as most of the casting directors are there, making networking easier.

Professional experience

Work long hours, make sacrifices, relocate (if necessary), play small roles, and commit yourself completely. Do whatever it takes to gain acting experience and build your resume.

Acquire additional skills

Because different roles exist in the acting world, an actor should expand their skill set to be more marketable. Learn a foreign language or accent, or take singing and dancing classes.

Get a good agent

Hire an agent to help you land roles. Agents can arrange auditions, negotiate contracts, and schedule appearances at events. This leaves you with time to network and practice your lines. If you aspire to greatness and seek to deliver award-winning performances, then there is a lot to consider. Hard work, dedication, patience, time, sacrifice, and commitment must be made to succeed in this profession.