Disney Channel Salaries 

You’re probably familiar with some popular Disney Channel actors such as Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Calum Worthy, and Dove Cameron. Then there are the A-list Hollywood stars like Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Tia and Tamera Mowry. Well, many of these stars got their start on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

With such big names in Disney, it’s no secret that our premier class program has produced some excellent talent. But the question is: How much do these Disney stars really make?

Acting may not seem like a ‘job’ because of its irregular schedule compared to the usual eight-hour shifts. But actors have to read scripts, research characters and their roles, memorize and rehearse lines, auditions, costuming, and meetings with agents, directors, producers, and casting directors. Acting is a full-time gig.

There is no set way to determine exactly how much an actor makes on a regular basis. However, according to College Grad, an actor can earn around $36,000 at entry level to $41,000 once experienced. Hourly wages are an average of $17.00 for theatre companies and $23.00 for the motion picture and video industry. Though given a starting point, the amount an actor makes depends on what city he is working, and the agreement made between him and the directors and film company.

Seventeen magazine indicated that the actress of Rowan Blanchard of Disney’s “Girl Meets World” made $10,000 per episode. Her total earnings were $210,000 for the first season alone! Miley Cyrus reportedly made $15,000 per episode while working on the set of “Hannah Montana.” From these examples, you can see that the amount paid to Disney Channel stars can vary. A good way to get a sense of their earnings is to do comparisons with stars whose work is similar.