Did you know that you could do your photo shoot at home? It doesn’t matter if it’s for social media, or head shots for your next acting gig. You can experiment at home or outdoors and it’s very affordable. Just let your creative mind flow and the experience can be very interesting. Here are some simple tips we recommend to guide you in setting up the perfect photo-shoot.

Create The Right Setting

Prepare for your session with the right location and lighting. They will surely affect the results. For a professional look, use natural light from a window, create a studio atmosphere or stand by a white wall. A white sheet can also be hung for the background which is one of the secrets for getting affordable professional head shots.

Choose Your Layout

Now you have the perfect setting, time to take your picture. A picture speaks 1000 words so before shooting, take a look in the mirror and practice your best poses and smiles. Pick out your favorite outfits and add different props for a variety of looks. Be clear on what you’re trying to portray, and relax. You can also add a little music to soothe the atmosphere.

It’s Time To Shoot

The first thing you need to do is set up your camera. Take into account the lighting has already been set. It’s okay to experiment until you find the best angle for the picture to be taken. Now everything is ready so you can begin to take your pictures. When you’re finished, go through them and pick your favorites.

As you can see, this process can be quite simple and our courteous staff at The Playground are happy to share these tips with you. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about the acting industry.