If you or your kid is just starting an acting career, finding a casting agent is the next logical step. It is not mandatory for an actor to be represented by a casting agency though since nowadays, you can self-apply for thousands of auditions online.

However, having proper representation will help you or your kid have more opportunities to audition without wasting time on self-submitting. But how do you find a casting agency? Do you Google the biggest, most famous agencies and reach out to them? Or do you find a smaller agency that potentially has more time to dedicate effort to your kid or you?

To start, compile a list of casting agencies. There are websites where you can find most agencies listed along with the link to their websites. Take a look at their website, who they work with, and what you need to do to apply.

What Type of Projects Interest You?

Consider whether the agency you’re interested in recruits for commercials, TV shows, or films. Which projects are of interest to you? Shortlist a few casting agencies and if they are accepting new clients, prepare an email to send each of them.

You should include a high-quality head-shot (professional, if possible) and personal details. Make sure to add any professional experience you (or your kid) might have. With a bit of luck, you’ll get an invitation for an interview, so make sure to prepare for it. Casting agencies ask potential clients to prepare a piece, so you should prepare something you think will best showcase your talent for acting. Contact us if you need help.