Do you already see yourself in Law and Order, or do you think you can become the new Tom Cruise? If your dream is to become an actor, then you better get serious about it, because you’re certainly not alone. With these steps, you are at least ahead of the competition to get that desired acting job.

Becoming a successful actor is not easy. Before you decide to pursue an acting career, it is important to think about what you want. Do you want to play in films, in a TV series or do you prefer to be on stage in a theater? And do you really want to become an actor for the profession, or is it more about the possible fame? In the latter case, it might be better to choose something else, because in comparison there are only a few actors who have really become very famous and rich with their acting.

Start Small & Gain Experience

As an actor, you usually must start small. Take on as many jobs as possible to gain experience. That looks good on your resume and you also get to know more and more people in the business. Moreover, your face will get increasingly familiar, something that can also work to your advantage. You can find acting jobs through film academies, for example.

The supply of acting jobs is not infinite and a one-way ticket to Hollywood is no guarantee of success. Good actors are characterized by their perseverance. George Clooney played B, C, and D roles for years before making global breakthroughs as Dr. Ross in ER. Harrison Ford was a carpenter for a long time before he became a big star through the Star Wars trilogy. And even Brad Pitt played small roles for almost 10 years before breaking through with Thelma & Louise.

Don’t give up after a failed audition or after ten or twenty rejections. If you have a talent and you believe in yourself, you can become an actor too. You will see for yourself that once the ball starts rolling, success may come sooner than expected! Contact us today to learn more about our acting program.