Instagram has a huge number of users. So how do you stand out among those millions? How do you get more followers? And how do you get more likes? In this article, you will find three important tips for getting famous on Instagram.

Be Social and Follow Relevant People

Following as many people as possible can be a good strategy to become famous on Instagram. Just look at Negin Mirsalehi. This Dutch fashion blogger used this strategy in the beginning. Now, she has more than two million followers! She makes a lot of money through sponsored posts since she has so many followers.

Use #Hashtags

Placing hashtags (#) is a good way to let people, who don’t follow you, come into contact with you and your photos. For example, if you are a fashion blogger and you have taken a nice photo of a new outfit, you can post a description and hashtags below the photo. When you use a general hashtag, such as #fashion #outfit or #OOTD (outfit of the day) in this case, other people will find you faster. This is because people who are interested in fashion are most likely looking for inspiration for a new outfit through these hashtags. Since you have used this hashtag, the person seeking this new outfit may come into contact with you.

Provide a Personal Touch

When you look on Instagram it seems like the whole world can make good photos, but the most popular photos are not necessarily the best photos when it comes to quality. Famous stars also take bad photos, but if they post something personal, they can still count on tens of thousands of likes. This is because fans have the feeling that they can look into the private life of their idol. Personal photos (selfies) and life-changing moments (new home, wedding, birth, new job) can count on the most likes. That is immediately the success of Instagram. You get a glimpse into the world of other people and you can follow everyone you find interesting. Contact us for more information.