You don’t have time to spare on worries or forgetfulness if being a crowd pleaser makes or ruins your job. You must understand that when you walk onto that platform, you will be presenting your best self; confidently, in front of any audience.

So, how do you go about doing that? We at The Playground Acting School for Film and Television are frequently asked this issue, to the point where we’ve developed a variety of classes and coaching alternatives to assist you get through it and confidently face the public.

Meanwhile, here are a few easy tips to help you present yourself more confidently in front of any crowd or audience.

Make sure you’re ready

Good presentations necessitate thorough preparation, so don’t begin by writing out your presentation like an essay. “Writing it down tempts you to just read it out, which produces a dead, impersonal delivery,” explains Caroline Goyder, a former acting instructor at the Central School of Speech and Drama who helps business leaders communicate successfully.

Practice as much as possible

Practice into an audio or video recorder as much as possible so you can get used to how you sound and seem in front of an audience. Then, in front of a small live audience of colleagues, friends, or family, give it a try and be open to constructive criticism. This is a fantastic tool.
Make use of assistance.

Always have a visual tool or an intriguing tale to help illustrate your argument if you’re a speaker or presenter. This allows the audience to shift their focus from their ears to their hearts, emotions, and memories. They will pay close attention if they can relate.


When Anthony Hopkins played serial killer Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, he employed a technique called personalizing to help him communicate Hannibal’s inner wrath by tapping into his own memories of anger that made him want to kill someone. (Aren’t we all relieved he didn’t?) However, you may utilize this strategy to incorporate your personal emotional experiences into your performance and presentation, giving it more impact and authenticity.

Take it easy

Slow down or pause when you reach an important or dramatic conclusion. The stillness or shift in flow adds contrast and dynamics to the presentation; it’s a necessary for all performance and art. Also, pretend you’re delivering something to one of the audience members and wait until you can tell by their expression that they’ve received it. Stand-up comedians employ this method.

On your path to success, The Playground Acting School for Film and Television is always here to support your progress and education. Call or message us right now for further information and advice!