Start Your Acting Career

Before thinking of where to start your acting career, go in front of a mirror and ask yourself an important question; “Is acting just a hobby or do I want to do it as a career?” If the answer to this question is “a career” or if you’re not sure about it, we suggest that you take acting classes.

Take acting classes for a few months and you will know if acting is just a hobby or something that you’re serious about. Now, if you’re sure that you want acting to be your career, continue your acting classes. Participate in your school stage plays, student project movies, and local theater.

Small theaters are a great way to start out your acting career, in the theater you will have to rehearse for hours. To become a great actor, you will have to memorize your lines, practice body gestures and emotions. Practicing your acting skills on stage will also help you build up your confidence.

There are many different types of acting including Film, TV dramas, hosting, commercials, and theater. You should figure out which type of acting you’re interested in before you start taking acting classes. It’s okay if you want to go for more than one type of acting as many movie stars are also Broadway actors.

Watch professional actors on TV and learn from them. Practice hard in front of the mirror. If you like to read books, consider reading books on acting by professionals.

When you think you’re good enough to start acting as your career, then make your portfolio. It will contain your picture, cover letter, and your resume. Make sure that you include a picture taken with a professional camera with good quality.

Directors first judge you by your photo to see if you fit in the character, then they’ll call you for an audition. If you have previously acted, also include a DVD of your acting.

Acting is not possible everywhere. If possible, move to a city like Los Angles, New York, or Chicago where you can get a lot of opportunities to engage in acting. Try your best to go on a lot of auditions and be patient. The most important thing to remember during your acting journey is to “enjoy it.”

Learn to love yourself and what you do as this is the most important thing in an actor’s career. Contact us to learn more about our acting program for kids, teens, and young adults.