How To Spot A Bad Actor

Some actors receive praise while others receive negative comments and are branded “bad actors.” Read this short article to learn more about the traits of good actors and bad actors.


Actors that passionately express themselves in front of their audience are considered good actors. Bad actors are usually worried about looking “ugly” in front of their audience, so they hold back their emotions which makes for a poor performance.

Lack Of Confidence

Some actors are not sure of their talents, so they’re not relaxed on camera. With continued practice, these actors usually grow to be talented as they gain more experience. Sometimes, very experienced actors also feel jittery in front of their audience, so don’t get discouraged if you fall into this category.

Discomfort With Language

Great actors are amazing speakers and fluent when speaking with others. Bad actors usually stumble and trip over their words, but with a lot of practice, anyone can become a fluent speaker.

Discomfort With Their Bodies

If you’re uncomfortable with your body, it will show in your face and in your performance. Keep in mind that some famous actors are skinny and lean, and some actors are big and round. Regardless of your body type, you have to be comfortable on camera because any discomfort will show on screen.

Untrained Voices And Over-Trained Voices

An actor’s most important asset is their voice. He/she must know how to handle and manipulate their voice. They should have some training to control and adjust their speech. Your voice must sound natural and voice modulation classes are recommended.

Pre-Planning And Warming Up

Actors need preparation time. Taking time to think about your lines, how to carry yourself, your movements, and your gestures is crucial. Those who aren’t serious don’t prepare their lines, and they don’t pay attention and listen to their fellow actors during a performance. Good actors, on the other hand, know that listening is as important as delivering their lines.

Actors who are popular are painstakingly meticulous, as well as shrewd and clever. Learn more about our acting program for kids in Los Angeles and Orange County. Contact us here.