The Playground acting school in Los Angeles is one the best acting schools in the city. We combine acting techniques with technical direction for learning to act in both small and large groups. The technique we use in our classes helps students bring their own ideas to life, rather than just reading from a script.

We believe that good acting is about having fun and we want aspiring actors to enjoy putting on their own interpretation of whatever it is they are trying to portray. Gary Spatz gives clear suggestions for achieving these acting goals through acting classes for teens in Los Angeles, as well as guidance in the technical elements of acting.

Gary Spatz’s classes are instructed by experienced acting coaches with whom he’s has worked, and using his acting classes for teens in Los Angeles, he helps them learn how to stage their scenes and grow from there.

One of a Kind Acting Classes

The Playground’s acting classes for teens in Los Angeles are a one-of-a-kind, hands-on approach to acting which makes working with improvisation and stage props easy, while instilling a strong sense of professionalism among our students. Our techniques for taking the stage are varied, but all have an edge, and we work with each student to ensure that each actor feels his or her role is truly distinct and memorable.

If you want to get the most out of your acting classes for teens in Los Angeles, then The Playground is definitely the acting school you want to choose. Read about the benefits of our acting classes in Los Angeles on Google reviews. Learn how our acting conservatory have become such a popular and sought-after acting school. Look through our website for more information on our live acting classes for teens in Los Angeles, California.