Looking for the finest Los Angeles acting classes? The Playground Acting Studio provides a variety of classes and training for young actors of all experience levels, from beginners to professionals.

Whether you are looking for an acting class for your child or want them to experience show business for the first time, The Playground is a fantastic option. In addition to offering camera acting training, The Playground also provides agents who specialize in representing children and teenagers. With so many available experience levels in Los Angeles, it is simple to locate a class that meets your child’s needs and desires.

The Playground offers numerous programs for children, such as acting classes, vacation programs, and enjoyable activities. Our program situated in Los Angeles that offers musical theatre programs and teaches young actors the fundamentals of performance stands out. To prepare actors for success in the industry, dance classes, musical theatre performance, television acting techniques, and group vocal classes are offered. Classes are taught in improvisation, storytelling, activities, and more by seasoned instructors.

The Playground in Los Angeles is certain to teach children musical theater technique. Our program gives children the opportunity to not only study musical theater, but also participate in a community playhouse. Professional teaching artists will assist in guiding children through a curriculum that enables them to explore their creative potential and learn from seasoned actors.

Well Rounded Acting Education

In addition, The Playground provides children with a well-rounded education by introducing them to technical theater and stage administration. In addition to acting workshops, our program provides young actors with musical theater options. Through our program, children can sign up for a thrilling chance to perform onstage in Los Angeles.

Our classes teach children to develop their flexibility and performance skills, which can assist them in overcoming their fear of public speaking. In addition, we offer acting classes to teach children how to use their feet, be flexible, and adapt to an ever-changing production.

Our classes are designed to help young working actors reach their full potential. We offer improv and sketch improvisation classes for all skill levels, from novice to professional. These classes also include sketch comedy, which teaches young actors how to use their acting abilities in a more relaxed setting and how to create a performance that stands out in any audition.

In addition, we offer community theater classes that give children the opportunity to develop their acting skills while performing in front of a live audience. We also host comedy evenings at local venues and community events, giving children the opportunity to interact with a diverse audience. Lastly, we present special summer programs where children can hone their acting abilities through workshops led by seasoned professionals and develop relationships with other young actors.

Individual donors and corporate sponsors support The Playground. Since more than a decade ago, we have provided schoolchildren with professional theater experiences and training opportunities. In addition, our licensed acting school in Los Angeles offers programs for two semesters per year. Each semester, we conduct a variety of workshops and produce youth theater productions throughout the year. Contact us for more information.