Top Child Actors Today

Young talent is incredibly hard to find. So when successful kids show an incredible natural ability to set screens on fire, it’s a big deal. Here are some of the most successful child actors working in Hollywood today!

Jacob Tremblay

Splashing onto the scene with the Oscar nominated ‘Room’ in 2015, Tremblay has made a huge name for himself since then with interesting projects and a charming screen presence. Tremblay, at only 11 years old, has shown immense maturity in his performances, as well as on screen persona. His next upcoming project is ‘Wonder’.

Finn Wolfhard

One of the kids from the smash hit ‘Stranger Things’, Finn Wolfhard has followed it up with the even more successful ‘It’. Wolfhard almost played the protagonist of ‘Stranger Things’, as a meek and introverted young boy, who had to find the courage to save his friend from supernatural threats. But in ‘It’, Wolfhard truly showed his range with the role of a foulmouthed adolescent young boy, up against a horrendous creature.

David Mazouz

Not that well known prior to the critically acclaimed Fox series ‘Gotham’, David Mazouz has now almost become a household name. Playing the role of iconic pop culture character Bruce Wayne, Mazouz has shown great range, from playing a traumatized young boy, to the beginning of one of history’s most legendary superheroes.

Bobbie Millie Brown

The breakout hit star from ‘Stranger Things’, Bobbie Millie Brown can now be considered America’s darling. The young girl whose next movie is highly anticipated, possesses an off screen personality that is incredible and beloved by fans and industry insiders. Brown shows a maturity in her interviews well beyond her 13 years of age.

Many current superstars like Leonardo Di Caprio, Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe started out as child actors. So one has to wonder which among this list of child actors will become the next Oscar nominated actor.