The Playground is a conservatory for young actors who are seeking help cultivating a personalized approach to acting. It’s at this Conservatory that children are given one-on-one assistance from not only the director but acting coaches from around the world who helped them to prepare for the bright lights of stage acting, auditions for film and television roles, and everything in between. Children are accepted with all levels of experience, and each come out prepared for the world of Hollywood and success therin.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, the director of The Playground has crafted a unique program that focuses on preparing children for the world of film and television acting, starting with their auditions. Children who attend The Playground not only improve their acting skills, but they also get a chance to build upon other areas of life skills that are essential for anyone, especially for child actors.

Students experience improvement in their speaking ability as a natural consequence of the curriculum. They also improve their listening skills, enhance reading comprehension, and enjoy better performance in schools. Our acting programs are available for children between the ages of 6 and 17 at all levels of experience.

The Playground has worked with famous names like Ashley Argota. Early on, her career gained footing as she finished with the Pasadena Playhouse production of “Aladdin and His Winter Wish” where she played Princess Jasmine. Since that time, Ashley Argota gained fame for her role in a Nickelodeon television show True Jackson, VP ten years ago. Her talents did not stop there. In addition to playing in shows like iCarly and The Troop, she also moved outside the Disney realm to shows like The Shield and MAD TV. Additionally, her career segued into Disney Broadway musicals like The Lion King.

She stared in Amateur Night at The Apollo and won five times in a row, the youngest performer to do so which is why she has also been featured in shows like Star Search. After that, Disney cast her in an original movie and recurring television show. ABC and NBC have also cast her in recurring television roles. Fans adore the special songs she has produced for her television shows, released on iTunes, and her stage productions of Romeo and Juliet which won six Los Angeles Scenie Awards.

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