Movie Producers 

Film-making is an creative collaboration that sees art take form on a screen for the enjoyment of others. However, besides the creative, there are a variety of business related aspects of filmmaking that also need attention. That is where a movie Producer comes in as the business person that takes care of all the commercial and industrial elements of film-making.

The Producer of a movie, and their role, varies from project to project. An independent producer can be seen as the financier of the movie, providing in part, or in whole, the entire sum of money required for every aspect of the movie from concept to release. A producer working for a production studio, is more of the person that is responsible for all the cost and accounting of a movie, ensuring that the film is on budget, on time, and organized; just like a business.

A Producer is the one who hires all the people involved in a film, including, but not limited to, even the director themselves. A producer usually steps into a movie at the conceptual stage. They determine which scripts or screenplays are viable to be made into films, secure funding through association with other companies, hiring directors, assigning other executive producers, the cast, and almost every other role. While a Producer may involve a director in some of these decisions, the ultimate decision is always the Producer’s.

The role of the producer can, at times, be seen as that of the accountant; ensuring that things cost what they should, and that the allotted budget for a film is used wisely. They’re in charge of making sure that the entire operation runs as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Some notable Producers in Hollywood are Kathleen Kennedy and Kevin Feige.

If a film project is seen as a business, then the producer of a movie would be considered the C.E.O.