With 2023 digital summer camps and musical theater camps, children are able to participate in awe-inspiring experiences. The Los Angeles Arts Summer Programs Fair is the ideal opportunity for aspiring stars to acquire new abilities.

From summer camps in San Diego to family vacations in Los Angeles, there are numerous programs for children. The Playground offers a variety of theater and performing arts programs in Los Angeles, including summer classes and workshops. These programs allow students to explore their creative mediums via visual narrative, improvisation, and acting.

The Playground also provides a Summer Day program for children that allows them to pursue their interests in film-making and the performing arts. In addition, there are numerous summer programs designed specifically to help teens develop their talents in the acting industry. There are classes for everyone, ranging from theater to dance. Whatever your child’s interests may be, Los Angeles offers an abundance of activities that will help them develop their skills.

Summer Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Summer camps offer enjoyable activities that help children learn more about the environment. Nature camps are a wonderful option for children who are interested in exploring the outdoors. There are a variety of acting classes and summer programs, such as The Playground, that provide children with the opportunity to learn more about theater. Throughout the year, environmental nature centers also host special events and group activities that can teach children valuable lessons while they have fun. Families on a one-week vacation in Los Angeles can choose from a variety of distinctive activities that will make their trip memorable.

From perusing the Children’s Garden at The Huntington Library to participating in a Musical Theater program at Griffith Park, children can participate in programs that cater to their interests. Special events are conducted throughout the year, giving children and the entire community the opportunity to participate. Los Angeles offers a variety of enjoyable activities for children to enjoy during a family vacation, due to its extensive recreational offerings.

The Playground Acting Workshop is one of these programs. This one-week acting program provides a well-rounded education for children in grades K-12 by offering a variety of acting and theater options. Our acting program provides children with a distinct opportunity to increase their knowledge and appreciation of performance art while having fun, which is why we’re called “The Playground.”

Our acting programs are designed to help children explore new interests in a secure and nurturing setting. There are plenty of fun places nearby for parents which will enable them to utilize their day to do other things while the child is in class. With an environment that encourages exploration, children are able to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities, including theater games, costume creation, and more. Contact us to learn more.