Open calls might seem like a long shot because hundreds or even thousands of actors can appear. In such circumstances and with such long waiting times and short auditions, it’s easy to doubt yourself and fail to show your best side.

Casting directors will cut your audition if they don’t like what they see not even allowing you to finish. However, if they do like your performance or see something in you, they will tell you you’ll get a callback. Is there anything you can do to increase your chances at open calls?

Below, we have listed several tips to help you prepare for an open call:

1. Get enough sleep. Since you’ll be waiting for hours to get invited for an audition, it is essential that you get a good night’s sleep. After hours of waiting in line with no food or beverages, you will, of course, be exhausted, not to mention actors who drove there from other cities. Make sure you’re well rested before going on an open call audition.

2. Arrive early. Note that there will be people waiting in line long before the audition starts. They will likely arrive early to get a spot in the long line so you should too. If you arrive among the last, your chances of being invited for an audition are lower as there will be so many people in front of you.

3.Bring snacks. If you get hungry (and you will), you won’t be able to give your best performance when they finally call you in. You should come prepared with snacks and a beverage in your backpack so that you don’t need to leave the line to get food or wait hungry.

4.Make your performance outstanding. At open calls, actors have very little time to show their skills. If you fail to get the casting directors’ attention as soon as you start the audition, you’ll miss your shot. Make your performance authentic and eye-catching from the start.