Overlooking the uncertain future of the entertainment sector, one thing is for certain: there will be a lot more video chat acting. Getting accustomed to the at-home medium will be essential whether performing in auditions, enrolling in acting classes, or even filming projects.

The human mind is trained to focus on the bad, so we immediately point out all the flaws in these services. But, dare I say, virtual acting has some pretty intriguing qualities that can improve your acting abilities. Video chatting can help you get ready for both movies and plays because it’s sort of the offspring of both. We’re about to focus on five advantages of virtual acting, so get out of the waiting area and into the chat.

Video Chat Errors

“Oh no! You’re chilly! All of us have been there. The list of bugs is endless—mic someone’s isn’t on, your app decides to update at random, etc. However, isn’t that just how life is? Consider a system error as a gift. It effectively shakes you awake and centers you in the here and now. Glitches serve as discreet cues to cease “acting” and begin interacting with the scene as it is.

Become Accustomed to Feeling Unpleasant

Let’s face it: video chatting can be uncomfortable, even with the closest of friends. Your conversation is interrupted by the merry band of aforementioned glitches. It’s inherently uncomfortable. Therefore, shouldn’t that be the ideal acting practice? Being an actor has several benefits, one of which is the ability to endure discomfort. Truth is created by discomfort. Refrain from “performing” awkward situations instead, and wait to hear what happens instead.

Stop Staring

You can overcome the acting bad habit of looking directly into your scene partner’s eyes the entire time by performing via video conference calls. Look at them, your surroundings, and occasionally—I know you’re doing this because we’re actors—look in the mirror. Observe the setting!

You Are In Charge

As anyone who regularly self-tapes would know, you have complete creative freedom over your setup when you shoot yourself at home. Create a setting that will make you feel comfortable and enable you to easily enter a situation. There may be uncomfortable times, but because you’re starting from a calm and open place, you’ll be more receptive to how they naturally develop. In addition, this is excellent exercise for learning how to frame and light yourself.

It Will Prepare You For The Camera

You may improve your TV and film abilities by being on camera. You are literally limited to maintaining your performance within a rectangle when using video chat. Your objective is to simply be; you don’t need to hit any blocking or project to the back of the home. And that is a skill that everyone should strive to learn. Contact us to learn more about our acting program.