The working area of an actor or actress is constantly expanding from films to YouTube, Instagram, and online TV. There are many great vacancies for a job in the acting world. If you want to work as an actor, you will have to make a resume that is appealing to directors, producers, and casting agencies.

A strong resume radiates professionalism that makes you stand out in that mountain of applications. As an actor or actress, you play in films, a series, musicals, commercials, or for example, on social media channels. Before you are hired as an actor, you must first do an audition. If the casting director is satisfied, you can play the role and you must empathize with your character. You will also have to practice and rehearse a lot to master the script and the texts belonging to your role. Actors and actresses are always accompanied by a director during the recording.

External Characteristics 

In your personal details of your resume, you should state your details such as your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number. In addition, give extra attention to external characteristics in your actor’s resume. Think of height, weight, hair color, and posture. This way, an employer can make a targeted choice for certain roles.

Lastly, your work experience is of course an essential part of your acting resume. It does not matter whether you have paid or unpaid acting experience. No matter how small you think your role was, if it’s relevant to the position, include it in your resume. For example, did you play as an extra in a commercial? Even if you had no lines, it shows that you know how things are done on a set.

It’s important that you never stretch the truth. Lying on your resume is a terrible idea. It’s possible that when an employer finds out that you have exaggerated on your resume, it will become very difficult to find new roles. Contact us for help with you acting resume in Los Angeles.