The Playground has seen a high influx of kids at our acting classes in Los Angeles. We have put in a conscious effort to designing our courses in a way that always delivers quality and value to kids. Our unique approach to the whole process is unrivaled and top-notch. From our findings and surveys, we have found that kids love our classes for some reasons such as:

It’s always more than just fun: By default, kids are more likely to learn when an entertaining approach is applied. Acting classes affords them the chance to express themselves without fear of being judged. They can make new friends, be merry and laugh while also working.

It improves group relationships: A successful stage play is a combination of everyone’s efforts and not a one-person thing. Our classes will help your child understand team synergy and power in collaboration. You can agree that it’s a great life lesson that they can learn early and grow to embrace.

Exposure to diverse backgrounds: Kids particularly love the fact that they can make friends form an entirely different background. This way they can learn new things about other people, their traditions, family and way of life.

It gives them purpose: Just like adults, kids also don’t want to feel useless, and our acting class can help. Being saddled with responsibilities have a way of making kids feel happy and on top of the world. They become more responsible and feel loved because they know they matter.

Sign-up your kid today! Tomorrow might be a little too late. Take the first step by offering your kids an incredible opportunity by registering them for our young actors program. We are just a phone call away. Call or message us.