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Become a Really Good Actor or Actress

Willing to Become a Really Good Actor or Actress?

You can start acting at any age but you should know that it requires patience, hard work, and commitment. The fancy Hollywood lifestyle is just a result of these three virtues every good artist has.

If you really want to start in the entertainment industry, make sure you are focused on the beautiful artistic work and not in the possible results (money, glamour, fame) that come when you’re a renowned actor or actress.

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Stanislavski’s System Vs. Chekhov’s

Stanislavski’s System Vs. The Chekhov’s Acting Approach

Among the most frequently taught styles of acting, these two are part of the most acclaimed approaches. Although Konstantin Stanislavski considered Michael Chekhov his most brilliant student, their methods are different in spite of the fact that they share important psychological influences.

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How Much Do Actors Get Paid?

Inside The Salaries of Actors and Actresses

Actors and actresses who are just starting in the entertainment industry are probably more focused on what drives their passion than on the money. However, they certainly dream of getting great jobs that allow them to make a living from acting.

In this article, you’ll learn how much actors and actresses get paid in US theatres, TV shows, and films.

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