All actors have strengths and weaknesses. Some can glimpse a script and it’s stored in their memory at once. Others have vocals that don’t even need warming up before a rehearsal. As an actor, you must acknowledge your strengths; it is very important. You should also know your challenges and work on improving them. We, at The Playground, see these as the most common challenges actors face.


Learning lines can be a challenge and a big one at that! It can cause you to disconnect from your acting abilities and make you a bit robotic. At The Playground, we believe time and planning can make a great difference. If you know it takes one week to learn lines, then give yourself two days extra. It’s also better to read and understand the script instead of just memorizing it. You’ll see it’ll become much easier to learn those lines and portray your role.

Overcoming fears

One thing that’ll improve your acting abilities is overcoming your fears. Fear can hold you back from giving great performances and cause insecurities. Explore different characters. Step out of your comfort zone so you can discover strengths you didn’t know were there. The more you push yourself, the more fearless you become.


Adding passion to your scenes makes your acting powerful. There are many actors out there, so you need to stand out to get the part. Getting in touch with your emotions adds fire and zest to your performance. Transform into your role and feel your characters’ pain, joy, sorrow, etc.

Acting can be difficult, but we at The Playground believe once you overcome your challenges you will excel in this field. Contact us for more information about our acting programs in Los Angeles and Orange County.