It’s dress rehearsal time. We, at The Playground, know this can be one of the most exciting final moments before the show. Do you have to fight your way through cast and crew to get to the stage on time? Will you face problems when doing your quick change? Below are five things to look forward to during your first dress rehearsal.

The Packed House

Some theaters may have an enormous amount of space, but others do not. So when 50 cast and crew members need to go on stage at the same time, everyone will be very close. Get used to being crammed and possibly jostled by other members.

The Costume Failures

In your mind, you already planned a quick costume change but you forgot one thing: logistics. It’s possible to underestimate the length of time it takes to get you into your leotard that night and if you get this wrong it can be quite embarrassing.

The Prop Disaster

Your mind will be all over the place and it’s easy to forget things. One of the most common things people forget is props. You may not realize that an important prop is missing until it’s time to use it. Get used to improvising and miming.

The Missing Light

You will find that your focus in dress rehearsal will be your lines and your outstanding performance. But what about your steps onstage? You missed the light by two steps so the audience was not able to see your passionate performance properly.

The Blank Mind

Yes, you had months of rehearsal and preparation, but “lights, camera, action!” and your mind goes blank. This can happen even to the best actors. Forgetting your lines can be a huge disappointment so be prepared to improvise.

As you go along, dress rehearsals become smoother and easier because you will know what to expect. At The Playground, we prepare you for your rehearsals and actual performances. We also provide pointers to help you cope in the case of mishaps. Contact us for more information.