The Playground & Jadagrace

Jadagrace Michiko Gordy-Nash is one of the teens who refined her acting skills at our conservatory. Our unique program helped her pave the way to success and today, she has her own television show The Jadagrace Show. Jadagrace is an actress, singer, and dancer who made her debut as Bitsy Mott in the 2008 short film Three Verses.

Her talent didn’t go unnoticed since the following year, she landed another role and appeared in the 2009 Terminator Salvation. Jadagrace was only 9 years old when she released her song titled Express Yourself. She signed a record deal in 2012 and released a single titled Run Dat Back.

In 2012, Cookie Jar Entertainment began producing The Jadagrace Show with the story revolving around a 12-year old multi-talented girl who uploads her video and subsequently gets her own TV show after gaining the attention of a music producer. The show is still ongoing. Jadagrace’s singing career took off when she signed a new deal in 2015, this time with Capitol, and released her hit single Vibe the next year. For this talented 19-year old, the future has just started and The Playground is proud to have helped pave the way for her success.

The Playground acting conservatory is the perfect place for young actors to cultivate their skills through a personalized approach acting. Our director with over 30 years of experience as well as our acting coaches are all here to with the mission to help young talented kids find their way to success. Our program was created to assist children in their preparations for auditions for television and film roles.

The entertainment world is full of opportunities but it requires quality training and hard work too. Our conservatory is focused on providing that training for all children who are determined to succeed in the acting world. The Playground accepts children of all levels, both beginners and the experienced ones, and we help them prepare for a prosperous career in Hollywood.

The Playground helps young students of ages between 6 to 17 to improve their listening skills as well as their speaking ability preparing them for their future acting gigs. All children interested in improving their skills or achieving better performances at school are welcomed to join us.

Contact us to learn more about our unique acting program for children. You can find us in Los Angeles and Orange County.