The Playground acting program, which prepares students for careers in theater, film, and television, includes stage acting classes as well as innovative training in devised work, film, and television. Acting is a constantly evolving art form, and at The Playground, we strive to provide our students with the best theater arts training and instruction possible.

Our extensive acting program prepares students to bring their professional artistry to the stage, screen, and international stage. We provide intensive classroom and on-stage training to ensure that our graduates are culturally aware actors who can excel in any theatrical or artistic setting.

Our approach produces a new generation of artists who understand their craft beyond the confines of the school. Our faculty is committed to assisting students in furthering their artistic careers through rigorous training and innovative approaches to teaching theater.

Develop Your Knowledge

Our acting program develops student actors’ knowledge of the craft as well as their ability to collaborate with other student actors. Our acting program provides students with stage and film performance training, as well as an understanding of acting technique, theater, and film history. The program prepares students to understand the complexities of an actor’s human behavior and how to create authentic characters on stage or screen.

We provide numerous opportunities for our students to hone their craft, including theater productions, television, workshops, internships, and more. The Playground acting program, in collaboration with our experienced faculty, encourages exploration through an intense yet creative environment that pushes our students to discover their own unique style as performers.

Our training program integrates professional stage directors, acting training, and professional acting with classical theater and choreographers. In addition, our program offers the opportunity to join our prestigious students making a small film played in Century AMC theaters. Our innovative training assists students in becoming successful contemporary performing artists.

Many of our successful graduates have gone on to work in television, film, and theater. Our program combines the best of both worlds: a comprehensive acting education combined with an understanding of television artists’ needs. Contact us to get started today.