3 Common Mistakes Casting Directors Hate To See

If you’re just starting in this amazing industry or you just want to improve your skills and increase your odds of success, this article will help you focus on what really matters before planning your next acting audition.

Casting directors don’t really care about experience. Instead, they long for connection, commitment, personality, and flexibility. Prepare for a memorable audition and avoid falling into the statistics of failure by staying away from these common mistakes.

#1. Fit in all of your acting skills. It’s a short slot!

Many actors out there make huge efforts to show off everything they can do in every acting audition, which is far from being the best practice. Experienced casting directors recommend actors to choose the moment they are best at and do it with passion.

Of course, they should make each moment count but there must be a memorable instant in which they display their most valuable skill. Only those who have identified their strengths can choose the right moments and interpret them beautifully.

#2. Learning the entire script is a waste of time. One scene is enough!

Casting directors can tell when you are not completely aware of your character’s personality. One scene is NOT enough to understand your character’s emotional baggage, which is why we strongly recommend you to show commitment by studying the entire script so that you comprehend the “why’s” of the actions you’ll be interpreting. The result will be a stunning, believable scene.

#3. Sticking to your acting choice is the best thing to do

WRONG! Flexibility is one of the most important skills actors develop. If you want to make a really bad first impression, reject every attempt of direction.

It’s okay if you have practiced a lot and made a strong acting choice, but do make it a rule that you take notes when the casting director suggests a completely different idea. Be open to new experiences and make efforts to engage in a collaborative exercise with the person who decides whether or not you’ll get the part.

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