Are You Looking For Acting Classes For Beginners? 

Whether your child’s acting abilities are innate or need to be developed, we can help. Our acting academy caters to aspiring actors, with programs for children ages 6 – 18. Our programs are specifically designed to immerse students in the various aspects of the art of acting and prepare them for the entertainment industry.

By participating in a structured curriculum, our young actor benefit from improved speaking and listening abilities, enhanced comprehension skills, and increased confidence. For those just starting out, our acting classes help to foster creativity, teamwork, self-confidence, and even empathy. These attributes help them connect with their emotions, bring life to their characters, and communicate effectively. They also learn to challenge themselves and discover personal techniques to help them in auditioning, scene study, improvisation, and character study.

Beginners must understand that every acting role starts with an audition. For great auditions, we teach our young actors essential auditioning techniques. These include:

Physical Preparation – young actors do physical and vocal warm-ups in the form of stretches, exercises and tongue twisters to help them prepare for auditions.

Script Analysis – young actors review their script before practicing a scene by asking questions such as:

  • What type of scene is it?
  • Where is the character?
  • What is the character’s relationship to others?
  • What’s the character’s intention?

Making Choices –young actors must make personal choices regarding the character’s role. This helps to enhance their understanding of the scene to be played, and in turn adds value to the scene.

Rehearse – young actors must memorize their lines and bring them to life through their performance. The more they rehearse the more believable and genuine they will be.

Commitment – young actors are taught the importance of fully possessing and inhabiting their roles, physically, emotionally and mentally to make their performance as realistic as needed.

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