We’ve often heard actors say they’ve paid their dues, all the while not having a full understanding of what they really mean. While they make acting look effortless, they make it sound like the journey to success is paved with tireless work, endless disappointment, and very little fun. The truth is, play is a huge part of an actor’s preparation. It may not be all fun and games, but a major part of their training surrounds learning through play.

From the time a person enrolls in acting classes, they subject themselves to activities that help them develop essential skills like:

● Enunciation and vocalization
● Stance and stage presence
● Memory and attention to detail
● Interaction with their fellow actors and the audience – to understand cues and entry points
● Creativity and imagination – to give life to their character
● Listening – following stage directions

Improvisation exercises like ‘Actor Switch’ or ‘On The Spot’ and games such as ‘Create A World’ or ‘Who’s Knocking’ help actors work on their creativity. ‘Words Starting With…’ is a great game for memory work and attention to detail.

‘Party Quirks’ and ‘One Word Story’ are excellent group games in which the actor learns not only how to read their fellow actor, but also how to build their story based on the role demonstrated by the other person or persons.

There are many other games that are applied by acting classes to prepare actors for auditions. They give them the opportunity they need to produce noteworthy and memorable performances.

The coaches at The Playground utilize a plethora of activities. These activities enable their students to possess and display such stage presence that warrants auditions, callbacks, and roles by which they often gain recognition. With a mindfully crafted curriculum, attentive coaches and games galore, it’s never a dull moment at The Playground. Give us a call to get started.