What Are Commercial Acting Classes?

Commercial acting classes are designed for anyone who wants to have a role in an advertisement. The classes teach you how to audition, read scripts, improvise, and behave in a commercial shoot.

What Will You Learn?

Commercial acting classes provide you with the following training:

  • Improvising
  • Slating techniques
  • Understanding the three different types of commercials
  • Understanding the difference between narrative and direct pitch scripts
  • Understanding how to find the essence of the commercial
  • Scooping
  • Proper articulation, diction, and enunciation
  • The triangular technique
  • Mastering cue cards

Why Do People Take Commercial Acting Classes?

Commercial acting classes are excellent to build skills, gain expertise, and earn a salary while building a network of contacts. Some actors use commercials as their primary source of income, while others use it as an alternative source of income between gigs.

Why Choose The Playground for Commercial Acting Classes?

The Playground is the only place where you will be introduced and actively involved in the craft of Commercial Acting. Our thoroughly developed curriculum focuses on the unique skills needed for shooting a commercial.

Gary Spatz is a genius who has crafted a program, specially designed to prepare your child for commercial acting. Our classes also help you develop the skill of auditioning and slating. Students who have attended The Playground have also seen a boost in their confidence and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. These are skills that are vastly important to this kind of acting. They also show improved self-esteem, a trait that is key in any acting career.

Students have at their fingertips, industry-standard facilities that allow them to audition and practice in an environment just like the studios they’ll enter during their career. Gary Spatz and his group of professionals work hard to develop each actor’s creativity and style, allowing our clients to stand out in the crowd. Contact us to get started!