While there is no standard way to write an acting resume, here is one that covers all the bases. The first part, at the very top of the page, should be your professional name in a larger font than the rest. It can be in bold type, underlined and italicized. Under that you should put your union affiliations. Next should be your contact phone number. It’s OK to have multiple numbers. An e-mail address or your URL has quickly become customary in the next part of the resume.

Following that, place your measurements and characteristics: height, weight, eye color, hair color, shoe size, pants/skirt size, chest/bust, shirt/blouse size, sleeve length, jacket and waist. Being truthful here will help the costume people later. Next should come any languages other than English that you can speak fluently and should be placed in bold.

Films you have been in should follow that in this format: Title, Character Name, Director’s Name.

Television shows should follow that in a similar format: Title of Show, Episode Title or Number, Character Name, Director’s Name.

Plays should come after, again in a similar format: Title, Character, Director.

Industrial or Commercial should follow yet again in a similar format: Name of Spot, Character, Director of Spot/Company of Product.

Training should follow here in this format: Name of Class, Name of instructor, Location of class (City and State or Country.)

Special skills would follow. These would include any sports or other activities that you can do. Imagine having to do it all day and that will give you an idea of how comfortable you would be with it. Next would be any accents you can do in the language(s) you speak. Keep in mind that if you write down an accent, do not be surprised is that casting person would ask you to do it, so make sure you can.

Finally, write your ability to travel for work and the fact that you have a valid passport.

Just like in the real world, resume padding is OK to an extent. Lying on it is not. If you put down a credit and it is not true, expect to get called on it. Even though there are many people in it, show business is a small community and people know people.

If you do not have a lot of credits emphasize what you do have, whether it is training or even a play you did in High School. Increase or decrease the font as you see fit to fill the page. After you have representation, apply an adhesive label to the top of the resume with their contact information.

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