Do you need an acting degree to become an actor? Is it better to attend a drama school or a university? The truth is that what works for one person may not work for you. It all depends on where you are at as a budding actor.

If your child is interested in acting, then you don’t have to wait to enroll him or her in university. Place your child in the hands of an acting school which is capable of nurturing his or her talent. If you are a teen or adult who has just discovered your passion for drama, then you should consider the pros and cons to make the best decision for your career.

Drama School Pros

  • There is training for all types of performances (television, theater, etc)
  • Opportunities are available to meet and develop links with persons in the industry
  • Final year graduates get the opportunity to showcase their skills. Such events tend to attract many agents looking for the next big actor
  • Agents and casting directors prefer actors with drama school training


  • Very little free time and endless homework assignments
  • Not much time available to audition for jobs or otherwise work at all
  • Can be very costly
  • Graduates still opt for additional training after graduating

University Training Pros

  • More flexible schedule and less homework
  • More time to audition for acting jobs or to work otherwise to support themselves
  • Simple admission process


  • Lower quality acting training than a drama school
  • Acting degrees are not highly regarded in the industry
  • Limited opportunities to connect with actual agents and persons in the industry
  • Very costly
  • A great amount of formal training is still needed after graduation

Drama schools, like The Playground, can offer you much greater value than a university. And every penny spent is worth it for a chance at a bright acting future. However, the choice is yours.