Ashley Argota

ASHLEY ARGOTA, “Lulu” on the hit Nickelodeon series, “True Jackson, VP”

“I started acting when I was 5 years old. I can honestly say that I never really enjoyed acting classes until I started taking classes at The Playground. I never thought I could learn so much in one place! Gary, Gayla, Lee, and the rest of the teachers at The Playground are amazing. They made our classes so much fun, but I still learned so much! I took classes for about a year and a half, and in that time I gained so much confidence. I know exactly what to do when I get my scripts for the show every week. I still do the tongue twisters that I was taught (PURPLE WURPLE!) and do my script analysis for the scenes that I’m in. Honestly, I think that The Playground is a huge part of why I got my role on True Jackson, VP. Without their help, I don’t think I’d be here right now! The lessons that I was taught during my time at The Playground will be with me for the rest of my life. And I’m never going to stop learning- I STILL get coaching at The Playground! I LOVE IT THERE!! 🙂