The Playground in Los Angeles has its own studio which allows auditing for the first two weeks of each session. This encourages prospective students to evaluate whether they wish to enroll in a specific course or workshop.

We also provide discounted online acting courses, as well as free online acting classes for beginners, in addition to studio-based classes. Our weekly classes are instructed by knowledgeable instructors, and our class schedule is accessible online. Auditors are welcome to attend a free auditing session online as well, as we offer free trials.

Our online acting classes provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn the fundamentals of film and television acting in real time. With virtual classrooms, an informed environment, and the convenience of learning at home, our craft is brought to life in the Hollywood spirit. Our Zoom-based classes allow you to join a community of actors eager to hone their skills. We believe that having a reason for taking classes is equally as important as learning the fundamentals. We provide students with an environment in which they can explore their own creative boundaries and discover their own sense of truth in our craft. Come join us for a session and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Observe Our Acting Classes

Observing a class is an excellent way to gain insight into what the teacher and students are doing. It’s a good sign for your acting that you’re auditing a solid class. You can become acquainted with your classmates and gain insight into their acting ability. Participating in an audit will allow you to see firsthand how your level of performance compares to that of others. Plus, you’ll get some great ideas from the teacher and students on how to improve your skills.

Auditing an acting class is a great way to observe how a class operates and determine if it’s a good fit, which is why we offer free trails online. The instructor will guide the entire class through instruction critique, the reading aloud of scenes, and the application of new techniques. Late-comers are permitted if they arrive within the first ten minutes of class, so that they do not miss any important information. The typical length of a class is two hours; however, depending on how much everyone has to say and discuss, the class may last longer.

We offer classes throughout the week, but most of our classes are held on the weekend. Our acting classes are open to both new and returning students who wish to study the fundamentals of acting with a seasoned instructor. Throughout this course, we will teach you how to utilize your own skills to help you with monologues and a stage presence. We will help you examine acting from a variety of angles and perspectives throughout the session. We are available for questions following each session so that everyone can gain a deeper understanding of the day’s topic. At the conclusion of each class, we discuss what we learned and how it applies to everyday life. Contact us for more information now.