When COVID-19 forced us to shut down most of our activities, we didn’t need to shut down our passion for acting and our creativity. Online classes have become standard since 2020. In fact, we believe they will persist even as the world slowly returns to normal.

While some may still wonder whether online acting classes are worth it, they undoubtedly have multiple benefits for kids.

1. Convenience

We cannot deny that attending online classes has its perks. You don’t have to drive your kids to and from classes or wait for them in the car while they pursue their passions. Your kid can simply join the online platform and start the class. This saves a lot of time.

2. Socializing.

During the lock down, kids were forced to stay at home with parents and often felt isolated and bored. Enrolling them in online acting classes gave them something to do while socializing with other kids albeit through a screen. Virtual classes promote communication while being in a safe space.

3. Boosts creativity

If your child is passionate about acting or is creative in many other ways, the lockdown has surely affected them and restricted the way they showcase that creativity. They might have also lost focus being at home 24/7 in the unexpected circumstances.

Attending virtual acting classes boosts their creativity and allows kids to experiment with different tools and technology including using online platforms which might be new to them. It provides more ways to express creativity as they can use any props they have at home to build characters.

4. No geographical limits

Probably the biggest benefit of virtual acting classes for kids is the fact that there is no limit geographically speaking. Kids from all around the world can join these online classes to learn and connect. So even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you can still attend private or shared acting classes with a top acting coach in Hollywood! Contact us now.