If you can easily see yourself in the voice acting world and would like to try making a living out of it, you can. Of course, it takes a lot of training and lots of effort to actually become a star voice actor so you should be prepared for a long journey.

The first step to voice acting would be to actually start learning about the craft. This means lots and lots of practice. You don’t necessarily have to pay a coach for training lessons but it would be extremely helpful. You can start practicing reading out loud, for example. The key is to work on your skills and also know your limits and stamina.

Once you think you’re ready, you can start applying for voice acting jobs. Fortunately, you can do so by yourself thanks to online platforms that advertise freelance voice acting jobs. You don’t need an agent for this. Some of the known platforms for this are Voice.com, Voice123, Bodalgo, or you can even search for voice acting jobs on Upwork.

Set Up Your Own Studio

What you do need is a suitable working space or a studio. This requires a bit of investing because you will need to buy a good set of headphones, a solid microphone, and find some recording software to use. Besides just applying to voice acting jobs on various platforms, you should also take some time to talk about it on your social media or your website. This will get you more exposure and could land you new voice acting opportunities.

You can share samples of your work so potential clients may hear you and decide whether you’re a good fit. The great thing about building an online presence is that you never know where your next voice acting opportunity will come from. Getting into any kind of business has its challenges and so does the voice acting industry. But if you’re determined and devote the necessary time and effort to work on your skills and apply to jobs, it will pay off. Contact us now to learn more.