Every aspiring actor would like to be represented by a prestigious acting agency. Such an agency has lots of connections and can submit you to some of the world’s greatest productions increasing your chances of landing important, high-paying roles.

In Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, there are plenty of acting agencies, but being signed by one of them is certainly not easy. However, it certainly is possible with some luck and a lot of hard work. If you’re hoping to be represented by one of the best agencies, here is our pick of top acting agencies in LA.

William Morris Endeavour

William Morris Endeavour is the result of two great acting agencies (William Morris Agency and The Endeavour Talent Agency) merging in 2009 to create the world’s largest talent agency. Given its size and reputation, every budding actor aspires to be signed by this top LA agency.

Some of the best-known names in the world of cinema were signed with William Morris Endeavour including John Travolta and Clint Eastwood.

Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Creative Artists Agency is another top acting agency in Los Angeles that has been very successful at securing very high paychecks for their actors. Countless high-profile names are signed with CAA including television and film actors.

The agency originated in 1975 and represents thousands of talented actors today.

International Creative Management (ICM)

Another top-rated acting agency in Los Angeles is the International Creative Management agency. Like CAA, it represents countless film and TV stars and comedians. The ICM we know today is also the result of two successful agencies merging in 1975: Creative Management Associates and International Famous Agency.

Although based in LA, ICM represents clients in Europe including acting, live performance, or whatever area you’re interested in. It’s famous for foreign films. Contact us for more information about acting agencies in Los Angeles.