You need a variety of web resources in your toolbox if you want to be a working actor, and IMDb should be on that list. The website, which has been there for more than three decades, is the best resource for finding out who collaborated on what projects and with whom in the entertainment sector.

Casting directors, producers, and other business professionals can access performers’ identities, CVs, and brands thanks to their IMDb pages. You may be familiar with IMDb, but the actual action takes place on the site’s paid subscription tier, IMDbPro. Actors can modify the content they want creatives to see, add credits, and customize their profiles on IMDbPro.

So how do you design the ideal actor page on IMDb? How can you use the website to connect with casting, network, and receive auditions? For a detailed explanation on how to use IMDb as an actor, continue reading.

About IMDB

Every facet of the entertainment business is covered in the searchable directory on IMDB. Users can get information about any project’s cast and staff as well as reviews for recently released movies. Imagine that you recently appeared in an independent movie that fared well. Your outstanding performance caught the attention of a casting director, who has since inquired about your resume. This is why it’s important to start your IMDB account.

An actor must have an IMDb page because marketing is so important in the entertainment industry. When people in the industry want to learn everything there is to know about a performer, movie, or TV show, they frequently go online first. IMDB makes it simpler for casting directors and agents to find your headshots, biography, acting credentials, unique abilities, and contact information, regardless of how experienced you are as an actor.

IMDb doesn’t offer actors those options for free, but updating your bio, adding credits, and uploading your own photos and videos are necessary to maximize your exposure on the site. You will have to create an IMDbPro account. IMDb’s commercial version allows you to customize every aspect of your page, keep track of productions, and get in touch with talent representation in addition to offering the same services as the free version.

What is the price of IMDbPro? The program offers three distinct pricing tiers after a free 30-day trial subscription, including:

  • Person Monthly: $19.99 (billed monthly)
  • Individual Annual: $149.99 (paid annually)
  • Monthly Group Plan: $79.99 (billed monthly)

If a page is already created for you, there are a few ways this may have happened.

How it occurred:

  • The page was claimed by your talent management or agent.
  • The actor page might have been made by a relative. This is particularly true for young people whose parents or legal guardians manage their employment.
  • IMDB claimed the actor page automatically following the entry of the actor’s credit into the database by a creative involved in a project, typically the writer or director.

Make sure your IMDbPro account is logged in on a computer or through the IMDB Pro app before taking the following steps to claim your page:

  • On the homepage, click the icon that is located above your name.
  • Click “Continue” after selecting the category that best fits you (actor, producer, writer, etc.). Click “Skip this step” if you are unable to discover your major occupation or if you choose to leave this field empty.
  • If you have an IMDB page, the site will look it up using your professional name. By choosing “Change Name,” you can make any necessary changes if your account name and your professional name are different. When you type a name exactly as it appears on IMDB and click “Search,” all the pages that contain that name will be displayed.
  • In the search results, click the “Claim Page” option to the right of the page if there is already an IMDB page with your name on it. To complete this stage, you must already have a paid IMDB Pro account. The website has a crew dedicated to verifying claims.

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